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A note and a belt, hinting at an upcoming punishment.

Judge Bumb Responds to NJ Attorney General’s Timeline Demand

Judge Bumb was clearly displeased with a recent letter to the court filed by the New Jersey Attorney General on March 3. In that letter, the State basically told the judge to hurry up or we’ll go over your head. In response, the judge entered a text order of her own. So far, it seems to us, New Jersey is going to get spanked for this.

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New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin sent a letter to Judge Bumb threatening an appeal to the Third Circuit if she doesn't hurry up and move the Siegel v. Platkin case along.

NJ Demands Timeline in Carry-Killer Case

New Jersey has been throwing a non-stop temper tantrum ever since the Bruen ruling was handed down in June 2022. Most recently, the AG sent a letter to the federal judge in the Siegel v. Platkin case demanding a timeline and threatening to go over her head to the Third Circuit. The State is mostly likely going to get spanked for this.

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No Guns Allowed in Casinos

New Jersey Casinos Ban Firearms After Concealed Carry Approved

After the lovely Judge Bumb included casinos, among other places, in the TRO she issued against New Jersey’s Carry Killer law recently, the Casino Association of NJ unanimously banned guns on all of their properties as is their right as private property owners. Disappointing but not unexpected. Did Murphy threaten to cut financial assistance if they don’t further his anti-gun agenda?

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Siegel v. Platkin

TRO Expanded for Sensitive Places in NJ Carry-Killer Suit

Its only January and the victories keep rolling in. 2023 is going to be a good year for the 2nd Amendment in New Jersey. Today’s TRO in the Siegel v. Platkin case expands upon the original Carry Killer TRO issued in the Koons v. Reynolds case a short time ago. This train’s next stop will be the preliminary injunction phase which may result in even further invalidation of the new law.

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Judge's gavel

Consolidation Hearing Provides Clues in Carry-Killer Suit

The consolidation hearing for the Koons v. Reynolds and Siegel v. Platkin cases seems to provide numerous insights on the future of New Jersey’s Carry Killer law. It’s a little too early to count our chickens but the history, text, and tradition of the 2nd Amendment seem to be on our side. The US Supreme Court has spoken.

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Gavel and American flag

Constitution-Respecting Judge Gets Both NJ Carry Killer Cases

Reason to celebrate! The two major lawsuits challenging New Jersey’s misguided, if not malicious, Carry Killer law have been consolidated into the court of Federal Judge Bumb. Judge Bumb is the same judge that issued the initial TRO in the Koons v. Reynolds case just a few days ago. This is very good news.

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Siegel/Koons v. Platkin
Oral arguments heard Oct 25
Awaiting opinion from 3rd Circuit of Appeals

You can carry in your car on your motorcycle on private property* at airports* at church in some restaurants* at filming locations