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A screenshot of the NJ memo to law enforcement regarding the new CCARE protocol.

NJ Issues NEW Qualification for Concealed Carry Holders

Although we shouldn’t have to “qualify” to exercise a core civil right, the State of NJ has eased the PTC qualifications to a more reasonable level and extended the deadline to December 31, 2023, thanks to the hard work of Dan Schmutter and Scott Bach of ANJRPC, Evan Nappen, and Anthony Colandro (Gun for Hire).

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NJ PTC Holders — Take This Seriously!

Have a New Jersey PTC? You’re a target now.

If you have a PTC or are planning to get one, this article is for you. The 2nd Amendment is YOUR right and it’s incredibly important to exercise it intelligently and responsibly for myriad reasons.

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NJSP “Interim” Training Requirements Create Sh!tShow

The new training and qualification standards for New Jersey permit-to-carry holders have been released. There has been nothing but mass confusion amongst members of the public, gun ranges, lawyers, and even the police. Not to mention, the actual qualifications require the athletic acumen of a ninja to pass.

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NJ Suburbs Face Continued Car Theft

With laws that don’t deter car theft and a pro-criminal Attorney General, New Jersey’s suburbs are an easy and frequent target. As we’ve seen, NJ AG Matthew Platkin tends to take it easy on career criminals while vowing to prosecute law-abiding gun owners to the fullest extend of the law.

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NJ Backsteps After Issuing Nation’s Largest Gun Ban

Last summer, weeks prior to the Bruen ruling, New Jersey Governor Philth Murphy signed numerous gun control laws. One of those laws banned commonly and legally owned firearms without serial numbers, such as homemade guns. Since NJ also considers BB/pellet guns as firearms, it even would’ve banned those too. The NJ AG issued guidance to law enforcement at the 11th hour not to apply the law to BB guns and also clarified some other points.

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New Jersey Attorney General Snubs Question on Forthcoming PTC Process

Just about every gun owner in New Jersey, by now at least, has a pretty good idea that NJ Attorney General Matthew Platkin doesn’t give a damn about any of our rights. He takes to Twitter on an almost daily basis to remind us that we must never cease fighting for our rights. Most recently, he Tweeted about how he’s “tired” of hearing from the public about “what’s good for public safety.” We don’t think he knows much about public safety OR civil rights.

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An image of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

A Year Since Bruen… What’s Changed?

It’s been one hell of a year since the US Supreme Court’s historic ruling in the case of NYSRPA v. Bruen. We now have 50-state shall-issue concealed carry and unconstitutional gun control laws are falling left and right. However, the left is relentless and they’ve been keeping us on our toes. They’ve also been keeping the court system packed with 2A cases. But post-Bruen, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

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Siegel/Koons v. Platkin
Stay Pending Appeal Issued

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