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Front of a police station

NJ’s “Gun Lawyer” Firm Scores a Win for 2A Rights

Despite the recent ruling in NYSRPA v. Bruen, which said that our 2nd Amendment rights cannot be denied based on subjective criteria, New Jersey has a law on the books which allows police chiefs to deny 2A rights based on feelings. Read about the case of M.U. He was recently denied a handgun purchase permit by his local police chief. In denying the HPP, the chief also revoked his FID card and told M.U. to surrender any firearms he already owns. Read on to see how this one turns out.

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From left to right, Judge Renée Marie Bumb, Daniel Schmutter, Edward Kologi, and Angela Cai

Oral Arguments Heard in PI Phase of NJ Carry Killer Case

This past Friday, Judge Bumb spent four and a half hours listening to arguments from both plaintiffs and defendants in the now-merged cases challenging New Jersey’s “sensitive places” law which makes the vast majority of the state off-limits to concealed carriers. No ruling on the PI has been issued yet, but it was quite the interesting hearing.

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A photo depicting a gun in the trunk and a crime scene

The Judges Created an Unsafe Situation

Before the so-called Carry Killer bill was signed into law, some judges were issuing carry permits that create inherent safety risks to the gun carrier as well as those in the immediate vicinity. Of course, New Jersey’s legislators loved this provision so much that they incorporated it into A4769. Some judges might be ideologically motivated and some might think they are “doing the right thing”. One thing is for certain: they are putting us all at risk.

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Image of a judge's gavel and a gun

Your Local PD Cannot Reissue Your Court-Issued Carry Permit

Recently, there have been a few accounts of people asking their local police departments to re-issue their court-issued carry permits at the local level in order to shed themselves of the court order and join the ranks of the unrestricted. Due to a court ruling this past Monday, March 6, this doesn’t seem possible. Read on to find out why.

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A note and a belt, hinting at an upcoming punishment.

Judge Bumb Responds to NJ Attorney General’s Timeline Demand

Judge Bumb was clearly displeased with a recent letter to the court filed by the New Jersey Attorney General on March 3. In that letter, the State basically told the judge to hurry up or we’ll go over your head. In response, the judge entered a text order of her own. So far, it seems to us, New Jersey is going to get spanked for this.

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New residents must register handguns in New Jersey

Moving to NJ? Register Your Handgun.

Most people were so excited about the Bruen ruling on June 23 that they didn’t notice the new resident gun registration bill being signed into law on July 5. It’s ironic that failure to register guns within the stated timeline is only a disorderly persons offense (a misdemeanor) when any other offense, no matter how benign, related to firearms in New Jersey is a felony. Could it be that people are leaving New Jersey and they want prospective new residents to feel that “its not so bad”?

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New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin sent a letter to Judge Bumb threatening an appeal to the Third Circuit if she doesn't hurry up and move the Siegel v. Platkin case along.

NJ Demands Timeline in Carry-Killer Case

New Jersey has been throwing a non-stop temper tantrum ever since the Bruen ruling was handed down in June 2022. Most recently, the AG sent a letter to the federal judge in the Siegel v. Platkin case demanding a timeline and threatening to go over her head to the Third Circuit. The State is mostly likely going to get spanked for this.

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New Jersey police officers are now permitted to smoke marijuana

NJ’s LEO Drug Testing Policy Creates Double Standard

Its never a surprise when New Jersey creates a double standard that favors police over the average citizen. NJ Attorney General Matthew Platkin recently released a new drug testing policy that exempts police officers from being tested for marijuana, except under limited circumstances. This same AG has vigorously defended the New Jersey Carry Killer law which prohibits concealed carriers from using marijuana or being under the influence of it.

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Ammo registration hits New Jersey

NJ Institutes Online Handgun Ammo Registration

While everyone was busy celebrating the NYSRPA v. Bruen ruling a couple of weeks prior, the New Jersey ammo registration law was hardly noticed as it was signed by Governor Murphy. It took effect Feb 1. Just when you would think New Jersey couldn’t possibly pass any worse gun control laws than we already have, the State enacts a law that makes our ammo purchase history available to all of law enforcement.

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Russell Heller and Eunice Dwumfour

Two Republican Council Members Killed in One Week

Two New Jersey Republican council members have been murdered in one week. It seems that the killings are coincidental and they’re certainly tragic. However, New Jersey’s extremist left supermajority never lets a tragedy involving firearms go un-exploited. How long before law-abiding gun owners in the Garden State start feeling the heat?

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No Guns Allowed in Casinos

New Jersey Casinos Ban Firearms After Concealed Carry Approved

After the lovely Judge Bumb included casinos, among other places, in the TRO she issued against New Jersey’s Carry Killer law recently, the Casino Association of NJ unanimously banned guns on all of their properties as is their right as private property owners. Disappointing but not unexpected. Did Murphy threaten to cut financial assistance if they don’t further his anti-gun agenda?

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3 New Jersey gun cases consolidated

Judge Consolidates Three NJ 2A Cases Including Mag Ban

Three important New Jersey cases involving mag bans and so-called “assault weapons” were consolidated in front of a single federal judge yesterday. 2nd Amendment proponents are generally not in favor of this consolidation as the cases are not really similar enough to be considered the “same” issue. Will the consolidation last?

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Sensitive Places Lawsuit
Next: 10-page briefs due Mar. 27.
Read the hearing recap here

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