Peter Elias, just your average New Jersey gun owner.

Snobs and Their Opinions Can Hurt the 2A Movement

Sometimes, we don’t realize that the message we convey to others might influence their future decisions. We’ve all seen that guy at the range with the experience and the cool gear that condescends the newbs or the guys that aren’t deeply involved in the 2A movement. We’ve also seen the guy that is a true expert and has no ego and loves to help and encourage those who need guidance and advice. Which do you want to be?

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A man shooting skeet

Letter to the Editor: The Average Firearm Guy, Me

I’m just an average guy who loves firearms and the 2nd Amendment. I’ve started to get involved in the activism all too necessary to defend our 2nd Amendment Rights for us and for generations to come. It’s amazing to me how many of New Jersey’s one million gun owners are completely unaware of the winnable battles raging in the courts right now. We need to spread awareness as best we can.

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New York State Treads on Gun Rights

The New York state government is one of the biggest enemies to the 2nd Amendment and personal freedoms in general. After NYSRPA v. Bruen stopped the state from using an onerous and unconstitutional permitting scheme that few people could successfully navigate, the state decided to change what it means to have a concealed carry permit. In essence, they said “ok, we’ll issue permits… they just wont be valid anywhere.” Read this editorial by New York 2A Attorney Matt Winchell.

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Person with a gun committing armed robbery.

N.J. Armed Robberies Make the Case for Carry

A string of robberies and assaults by armed criminals in NJ willing to use violence further reinforces the case for citizen carry. Read John Petrolino’s editorial to learn more about these crimes and how they’re being handled by the legal system.

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A red flag

Red Flag Laws and Their Attack on the 2nd Amendment 

Various forms of so-called “red flag” laws, that allow governments to confiscate firearms from citizens, usually without due process, exist all around the country. New York’s version of red flag law, to nobody’s surprise, is especially onerous. Read what one of our great legal minds, 2A attorney Matt Winchell has to say on the matter.

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Anthony Colandro in the Gun for Hire Podcast studio

I Don’t Have Time to Listen to Gun For Hire Radio

Many of us know Anthony Colandro and his Gun for Hire Podcast as a primary source of information regarding the 2nd Amendment in New Jersey. Are you one of the people that doesn’t have the time to listen for less than an hour each week yet you expect the information to be spoon fed to you on demand?

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News2A on
Gun for Hire Radio!

News2A’s co-founders were proud to be the guests on episode #661 of Gun for Hire Radio. Please listen in and get to know us!

Siegel/Koons v. Platkin
Oral arguments heard Oct 25
Awaiting opinion from 3rd Circuit of Appeals

You can carry in your car on your motorcycle on private property* at airports* at church in some restaurants* at filming locations