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Wayne LaPierre, former Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association

The NRA Lawsuit Jury Verdict and What It Means

The recent civil trial verdict against the NRA, pinpointing financial mismanagement and leadership failings, marks a crucial turning point. Amidst controversy and calls for reform, the organization now needs to refocus on its core mission of Second Amendment advocacy, promising a future of transparency and renewed commitment.

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A woman putting her lawfully carried gun in her purse

GOA Files Suit Against NY’s Position on No Carry for Non-Residents

Some states, New York in this case, do not respect out of state concealed carry permits or issue them to non-residents wishing to carry a handgun in those states. GOA has just filed suit against New York to force them to allow non-residents to carry firearms within its borders. Potential for nationwide concealed carry?

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Ammunition on black background.

NYS Threatens to Sue Other States for Selling Ammo to NY Residents

New York State legislators have an egregious new bill on the table that demonizes New York gun owners and will punish them and out-of-state dealers for trying to save a few bucks on ammunition. We all know Kathy Hochul will sign just about any bit of gun control legislation that makes it to her desk. Remember, its much easier to kill a bad bill before it becomes law than it is to get it overturned after it becomes law.

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Woman in shock

9th Circuit Shockingly Stops Carry Ban!

First you can’t carry in all these “sensitive places” and then you can and then you can’t again and then you can again… The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is well-known for its rabid anti-gun vitriol, again reversed itself. Californians CAN strap their guns on again.

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A judge banging a gavel

9th Circuit Appeals Court Again Steps on the #2A

As expected, a motions panel of the largely anti-gun, anti-rights, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the preliminary injunction that would have prevented California’s carry killer bill, SB2, from going into effect. Unfortunately, SB2 is now in effect statewide.

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