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Firearms Legal Questions?

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Legal Questions for News2A

At News2A, we get tons of legal questions from our readers. We love to answer them when we can, but we are not lawyers. We report the news. Any answer you get from us should not be taken as legal advice, nor should it be taken as a definitively correct answer. Never trust your freedom to anyone except a skilled attorney well-versed in firearms law!

This is why we decided to partner with US LawShield. One of the many great benefits of a US LawShield membership is access to an expert attorney regarding firearms and self-defense legal questions.

Attorney-Answered Firearms Legal Questions

What kind of questions can we ask the attorneys at US LawShield as part of our membership? Well, there’s really no limit to how much or what you can ask, according to their FAQ page. Here are some of the questions we receive at News2A that would be much better directed to an expert like a US LawShield attorney:

  • Where can and can’t I carry my firearm given New Jersey’s “sensitive places” law?
  • Can I carry my firearm in a fanny pack or a purse? Is that considered on-person carry New Jersey law?
  • I have a current NJ PTC. Is it legal to conceal carry while rifle/shotgun shooting at a NJ Wildlife Management Area rifle range?
  • Can I carry my defensive pistol to church? What if the church also has a school?
  • If I am out in the world carrying and find myself at a buddy’s house for a beer or two, am I breaking the law if I secure my firearm in my trunk as per New Jersey’s transport laws?
  • Are Hornady Critical Defense, Critical Duty, or similar ammo considered to be hollow points under New Jersey law?
  • Can I defend my home with hollow point ammunition?
These are just a small sample of the many questions we get here at News2A. Sometimes, we even have these questions ourselves. We call US LawShield with all of our legal questions!
Scales of Justice over American Flag

What else does US LawShield offer?

  • Legal representation for self-defense cases both inside and outside the home
  • Legal representation for civil and criminal cases
  • Independent program attorneys, such as the one and only Evan Nappen!
  • 24/7/365 attorney-answered hotline
  • 50-state coverage
  • No deductibles or attorney fees for covered events
  • State-specific legal guides
  • The only Jersey-legal self-defense fund (US LawShield is not so-called “murder insurance”)

Reasons to Learn More About US LawShield