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You Want my Advice? You’d Better Become a Member.

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The other day a friend of mine pinged me. One of the directors of Florida Carry, Kevin Sona, had a question about New Jersey gun law. Sona, a fierce advocate in the Gunshine State, originally hails from the land of 1000 diners. Sona was seeking some clarification about something a contact of his needed help with. A lot of Sona’s connections from New Jersey turn to him for their gun questions because he’s the “gun guy” they know.

It was nice to play catch up with Sona and get a quick chat in. After some pleasantries, I asked “So what do you got bud?” Someone Sona knows reached out to him about them applying for new pistol purchasers permits and mentioned their local police department had listed on the website they cost $2.00. However, upon speaking to the department, they told Sona’s contact that the permits are $25.00 each. Sona wanted to know what the deal was and if that was just that particular department’s policy, etc.

I explained to Sona about the 2022 “carry-killer” bill and how the legislature used that opportunity to help fulfill some of Governor Phil Murphy’s remaining wish list items to further limit civil liberties. Sona was just unaware, and he even said “You know John, it’s impossible to keep up to date on everything in every state.” And that is true, which is why it’s nice to have friends like Sona for when I have Florida questions. I’ll further add, it’s also nice to have contacts all over the country that answer my questions, and help me put out as accurate as possible content.

Then I asked Sona my own questions about his friend, “are they a member of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs? How about Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners? New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society?” Sona sighed and said “No.”

Sona and I had a very frank chat about our shared frustrations with the “gun people” who are really not Second Amendment supporters. I snapped, “Ya know, your friend there has enough money to buy three pistols and they’re not a member of any of those groups. That’s gotta change.” Sona, as flummoxed over the situation as I was, noted “A lot of people just say ‘eh, Kevin does a lot of work for us all. That’s good enough.’ You know that’s not good enough and I keep trying to tell people they have to join these groups, get involved locally in politics, and engage their lawmakers.”

In New Jersey, a sleeping beast has awakened. There’s been an unparalleled level of advocacy – at least since I’ve been ultra active in the game – like none other. When walking into the courtroom to sit in on the preliminary injunction hearing on the carry-killer cases, I was greeted by the sight of a sea of CNJFO maroon shirts. We can all agree that the population is charged. The gun owners are really awake now and it does not seem like it’s going to end anytime soon.

And then there’s people like Kevin Sona’s buddy. I told Sona “You know, tell your friend this information. But the next time he wants information or advice, you tell him he better be a member of at least one of those three organizations I mentioned, or I’m not going to help em’ out. Nothing personal but…” And Sona cut me off, “John, I understand completely and no offense at all. I’m with you.”

If Sona’s friend was a member of those groups, they’d have been informed through the many email blasts that went out about the carry-killer legislation and what was in it. They’d have been notified about the preliminary injunction hearing, and we should be hearing sometime in the near future if there are going to be further sections of the law enjoined, such as the fees. The current gun owner that’s seeking to purchase three more pistols has no excuse for not being a supporter of any of these groups. And the final bit, if they were a member of just ANJRPC, they’d have the opportunity to ask an attorney questions they have, free of charge, on a periodic basis.

It’s high time we all embargo those who are not contributing to the cause. The gun owner that’s seeking advice and help, I say help them. I say be polite. I also say ask them if they’re a member of any of the New Jersey Second Amendment groups. And I further say, after giving them some direction, tell them the next time they want help on any “gun stuff,” they better be showing a receipt showing an up-to-date membership to one of those groups.

It’s our job to be good ambassadors to people on this “thing” that belongs to all citizens, but it’s everyone’s job to also be engaged in the fight. It’s especially a person’s duty if they were formerly unaware, but kindly instructed on who’s out there fighting for us. After you get people on board with all the state associations, move onto the national groups.

For more information about the groups mentioned in this article, please visit:

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Don S.

US Supreme Court…….. MURDOCK 319 US 105…………a fee, tax, license or permit cannot be charged upon a right to lawfully exercise. == This was a 1st amendment ruling upon a city in Pennsylvania but it sets forth a constitutional principle —— inalienable rights, be they: religion, speech, press, redress, jury trail, right to face accusers, right to an attorney, right against cruel punishment…………….. or the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS………..can never be subjected to a prior governmental requirement. NEVER! == The 1775 Patriots did not have a “revolution” license or permit nor did they have “CARRY” licenses in order… Read more »

William Hammond

Great article, thanks John, I am a NJ gun owner and fully support all of the 2A groups in NJ, member of ANJRPC, CNJFO, FPC, NJ2AS, 2AF, GOA, and member of Gun For Hire Range, Woodland Pk, NJ, religious listener of GFH Radio & Gun Lawyer. I haven’t applied for my Carry yet, because I live in Bergen County and I am going through a divorce, so I am waiting to finalize that then I will concentrate on acquiring my CCW.

Siegel/Koons v. Platkin
Oral arguments heard Oct 25
Awaiting opinion from 3rd Circuit of Appeals

You can carry in your car on your motorcycle on private property* at airports* at church in some restaurants* at filming locations
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