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New Jersey Attorney General Snubs Question on Forthcoming PTC Process

Just about every gun owner in New Jersey, by now at least, has a pretty good idea that NJ Attorney General Matthew Platkin doesn’t give a damn about any of our rights. He takes to Twitter on an almost daily basis to remind us that we must never cease fighting for our rights. Most recently, he Tweeted about how he’s “tired” of hearing from the public about “what’s good for public safety.” We don’t think he knows much about public safety OR civil rights.

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When Do You Not Buy Local?

Its no secret that you can buy your ammo cheaper online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. However, in a state like New Jersey, where the local gun shops and ranges are under constant attack by the democrat supermajority in Trenton, its extra important to support those who support you. That means: buy local. But how much it too much?

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Judge Holding Back on Decision, Wants to Hear From Saint Benitez

It seems that all eyes are on Judge Roger “Saint” Benitez at the moment. Judge Benitez is set to rule on multiple cases involving anti-gun, 2nd Amendment infringements. Even other federal judges are awaiting Judge Benitez’s ruling in these cases before they render their own opinions on cases in front of them.

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NJ Attorney General Salutes SCOTUS When It’s Beneficial To Him

We all know that New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin is Murphy’s lap dog. It’s pretty funny how he switches between praising the US Supreme Court and condemning the court based on how much he favors or disfavors any given ruling. They’re either fair and just or they are not, you can’t have it both ways Platkin.

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Become a Member

You Want my Advice? You’d Better Become a Member.

Author John Petrolino recounts a recent conversation with the directory of Florida Carry regarding a third-party’s questions about the costs of New Jersey’s Permit to Purchase a Handgun. Lets just say there is no excuse, as a gun owner in NJ, for not being a member of the 2A groups fighting tooth and nail for our rights here in the Garden State.

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The Judges Created an Unsafe Situation

Before the so-called Carry Killer bill was signed into law, some judges were issuing carry permits that create inherent safety risks to the gun carrier as well as those in the immediate vicinity. Of course, New Jersey’s legislators loved this provision so much that they incorporated it into A4769. Some judges might be ideologically motivated and some might think they are “doing the right thing”. One thing is for certain: they are putting us all at risk.

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