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Judge Bumb Issues Preliminary Injunction In New Jersey Carry Killer Case

Yesterday, May 16, Judge Bumb issued a Preliminary Injunction in the now-consolidated Siegel and Koons carry killer cases that falls squarely on the side of 2nd Amendment freedoms. Right up there with the Bruen decision, this is one of the biggest and best 2A court rulings the Garden State has ever seen. The case isn’t over and could take some time to reach a final conclusion but the PI is a great indicator that we have some permanent freedom coming our way!

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Conservatives – YOUR Apathy Got Us Here

It’s no secret that the left’s lack of principles and morals is seeping into every part of our daily lives. They’ve gotten there by being louder, more active, and playing dirty. For the sake of our children’s futures and our rights in general, conservatives need to stand up, speak up, and get louder and more active than ever. We can regain ground!

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A history book and a magnifying glass

We Are Watching History Being Made

Here in New Jersey, we are either excited about what’s going on with the 2nd Amendment or anxious about how upcoming court battles will pan out. One thing is for sure: we are on a path to victory for civil rights in the Garden State and nationwide.

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NJ Attorney General Salutes SCOTUS When It’s Beneficial To Him

We all know that New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin is Murphy’s lap dog. It’s pretty funny how he switches between praising the US Supreme Court and condemning the court based on how much he favors or disfavors any given ruling. They’re either fair and just or they are not, you can’t have it both ways Platkin.

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NJ Attorney General Goes Soft On Gun Violence/Murder

Imagine being a state that loves to brag about being strict on gun violence, and then letting a violent murderer off the hook on gun charges. That’s New Jersey, where criminals are treated as victims, and law-abiding citizens as guests of the gulag.

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New Jersey Courts No Longer Amending PTCs

Thinking about how to amend your court-issued permit to carry so you can conceal that new pistol you just picked up? Think again. A new directive was just issued to the county courts ordering them to stop amending permits effective immediately.

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Jerry and Kathy Arose

A New Jersey 2A Brother-In-Arms Needs Your Help!

Yesterday, April 12, Jerry Arose, a well-respected member of the NJ 2nd Amendment community was injured in a house fire. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family in their time of need. Please visit the GoFundMe page and consider making a donation to make sure they can focus on medical treatment and recovery.

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Republican New Jersey State Senator Ed "The Trucker" Durr

Senator Ed “The Trucker” Durr Says #VOTERED

Senator Ed Durr is one of New Jersey’s strongest and most vocal allies in the fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. Like many of us, he was pissed when his local police chief told him not to even bother applying for a carry permit. While there are many among us that think “my vote doesn’t matter”, this truck driver went and got himself a seat on the Senate. We wanted to hear what he has to say about the current state of 2A affairs in the Garden State.

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Become a Member

You Want my Advice? You’d Better Become a Member.

Author John Petrolino recounts a recent conversation with the directory of Florida Carry regarding a third-party’s questions about the costs of New Jersey’s Permit to Purchase a Handgun. Lets just say there is no excuse, as a gun owner in NJ, for not being a member of the 2A groups fighting tooth and nail for our rights here in the Garden State.

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Misappropriation of funds

NJ Spends COVID Funds to Combat “Gun Violence”

We’ve said it before: “The corruption of New Jersey knows no bounds”. New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin has misappropriated funds meant for COVID-19 relief for the purposes of “gun detection” systems and largely in towns that don’t really have any level of gun crime. He claims that so-called gun violence has increased since the beginning of the COVID pandemic and as such the funds qualify for these twisted uses. Read about this cheap, see-through, excuse for the misappropriation of funds.

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Front of a police station

NJ’s “Gun Lawyer” Firm Scores a Win for 2A Rights

Despite the recent ruling in NYSRPA v. Bruen, which said that our 2nd Amendment rights cannot be denied based on subjective criteria, New Jersey has a law on the books which allows police chiefs to deny 2A rights based on feelings. Read about the case of M.U. He was recently denied a handgun purchase permit by his local police chief. In denying the HPP, the chief also revoked his FID card and told M.U. to surrender any firearms he already owns. Read on to see how this one turns out.

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From left to right, Judge Renée Marie Bumb, Daniel Schmutter, Edward Kologi, and Angela Cai

Oral Arguments Heard in PI Phase of NJ Carry Killer Case

This past Friday, Judge Bumb spent four and a half hours listening to arguments from both plaintiffs and defendants in the now-merged cases challenging New Jersey’s “sensitive places” law which makes the vast majority of the state off-limits to concealed carriers. No ruling on the PI has been issued yet, but it was quite the interesting hearing.

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Siegel/Koons v. Platkin
Oral arguments heard Oct 25
Awaiting opinion from 3rd Circuit of Appeals

You can carry in your car on your motorcycle on private property* at airports* at church in some restaurants* at filming locations