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NJ Governor Signs Orwellian Bill Reducing Transparency

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy today signed a bill that reduces transparency into the operations of all levels of government within the state and even punishes citizens for asking questions.

As we previously reported, NJ S2930/A4045, was passed in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly earlier this month.

The bill has garnered national attention for its remarkably authoritarian positioning that limits transparency into government, creates more paid government positions, and threatens punitive legal action against citizens who make requests for public records.

Headlines around the country speak to the reactions many are having to Murphy’s dictatorial move:

  • USA Today: Phil Murphy’s legacy is destroyed as he signs a death warrant for transparency
  • Associated Press: New Jersey adopts public records overhaul but critics say it tightens access to documents
  • New Jersey Globe: Murphy signs controversial OPRA bill into law
  • The Bergen Record: Gov. Murphy signs legislation that dismantles access to public records in NJ

This move will come as no surprise to residents of the state. Phil Murphy has consistently been a champion of big government, higher taxation, and suppressing civil liberties. Murphy effectively shut down the state during the Covid scare and has been accused of causing potentially thousands of deaths by placing Covid-positive patients in senior citizens homes. His action on signing this bill falls in line with his far-left political stance.

Will the residents of New Jersey wake up?

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