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Judge Bumb Issues Preliminary Injunction In New Jersey Carry Killer Case

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Yesterday, the Honorable Judge Bumb upheld the law, and the Constitution, when she issued a preliminary injunction against large portions of the New Jersey carry-killer law.

Read Judge Bumb’s full opinion (235 pages)

Read Judge Bumb’s court order (4 pages)

A4769 was signed into law on December 22, 2022 by Governor Murphy as a response to the landmark Bruen Supreme Court decision issued in June of the same year. The anti-gun New Jersey law was widely viewed as one of the most unconstitutional, oppressive, anti-civil rights laws to date, seconded only by the Democrat-originated gun laws of the late 19th century that were aimed mainly at keeping firearms out of the hands of the newly-freed slaves.

Pro-Second Amendment groups immediately filed suit against the State, with two major cases challenging the sensitive areas restrictions as well as other unconstitutional provisions of the law.

Koons v. Reynolds and Siegel v. Platkin were consolidated into one case, under Judge Bumb, who extended the Temporary Restraining Order issued in the former case, to the latter on January 30.

The injunction comes after the State tried to make its very best case against civil rights in oral arguments before the Court on Friday, March 17. News2A live-tweeted the arguments for over four hours, and the State’s main argument was summarized elegantly by Judge Bumb who said, “It’s the State’s position that more guns are bad?”

After the arguments, Judge Bumb gave both parties one week to file supplemental briefs (limited to 10 pages) to address questions and issues that arose but were not fully explored. Those briefs were filed simultaneously on Monday, March 27th.

The preliminary injunction issued today expands the number of places where the law-abiding are free to exercise their rights.

Judge Bumb’s opinion is 235 pages long and there are additional documents as well. As expected, the State of Jersey instantly filed an intent to appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

We will provide a longer and more thorough update as soon as possible. That update will also include a newly updated list of where you CAN carry.

In the meantime, watch the Four Boxes Diner’s full hour analysis.

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POINT OF FACT……………. The Supreme Court has ruled many times: South VS Maryland, Martell, Murdock that without express privilege to act upon certain things, that government is denied to do so. Without express jurisdiction to act upon firearms, SUCH IS ABSOLUTLEY DENIED. = For lawful citizens to “keep and bear arms” is an absolute and eternal right that can only be infringed by a jury of one’s peers or a mental diagnosis or by admission of oneself. = Government authorities have no power of firearms as they have no power over the People being able to “alter or abolish” at… Read more »

Siegel/Koons v. Platkin
Oral arguments heard Oct 25
Awaiting opinion from 3rd Circuit of Appeals

You can carry in your car on your motorcycle on private property* at airports* at church in some restaurants* at filming locations
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