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An image of an AR-15 and a loaded magazine

2A Win! PI Issued in Illinois Assault Weapons Ban

Today, federal Judge Stephen McGlynn handed a huge victory to the plaintiffs in a now-consolidated case challenging the recently-enacted “assault weapon” ban in Illinois. A preliminary injunction has been issued so that the new law cannot be enforced as the plaintiffs are likely to win on the merits of the case.

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An image of Judge Roger Benitez

Judge Holding Back on Decision, Wants to Hear From Saint Benitez

It seems that all eyes are on Judge Roger “Saint” Benitez at the moment. Judge Benitez is set to rule on multiple cases involving anti-gun, 2nd Amendment infringements. Even other federal judges are awaiting Judge Benitez’s ruling in these cases before they render their own opinions on cases in front of them.

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An image of WA governor Jay Inslee

“AR-15s only kill other families” Says WA Governor

There are some states and their leaders that just don’t “get it”. Our state, New Jersey, is definitely one of those. But today, Washington State Governor Inslee had some incredibly ignorant words to say as he signed an assault weapons ban into law. The part they “don’t get” is that they CAN”T ban AR-15s. They will find out very soon.

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An image of Charlie Cook and friends at 2023 NRA Annual Meetings

The NRA Annual Meetings Are The World’s Largest Family Reunion

If you’ve never been to the NRA Annual Meetings, Charlie Cook of Riding Shotgun with Charlie, gives us the first-hand lowdown. Aside from all of the great things that take place on the business and political level, its a great place to meet or reunite with some of the best people on the planet.

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U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez

Who is Really to Blame for the Sutherland Springs Massacre?

We should never really be surprised by government incompetence or self-contradiction. Sometimes we hear words that shouldn’t surprise us, but they do, leaving us in disbelief that we just heard what we heard. The US government contends that even if they hadn’t failed to report Devin Patrick Kelley to the NICS system, he still would’ve gotten a gun and gone on his rampage. As crazy as that assertion is, at least the government is destroying its own gun control narrative.

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An image of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis giving a thumbs up.

Florida Adopts Permitless Carry

Today, Florida made great strides for the freedom of Floridians. Florida is now the 26th of a still growing number of states that recognize the rights of its citizens to carry handguns for self-defense without the need for a government permission slip.

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Preliminary Injunction Denied in Pistol Brace Lawsuit

Today, Judge Reed O’Connor denied a request for preliminary injunction in the case of Mock v. Garland. The judge’s ruling included some unusual and flawed logic. He did, however, not rule out the possibility of the plaintiffs winning their arguments on the merits.

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Image of microphone

Massachusetts Gun Listening Tour. Good Idea? Or Stage for Anti-Gunners?

We all know there’s certain states in the union that are just rabidly anti-gun. Massachusetts is one of them. It seems as though the state is sponsoring what seems to be an unbalanced, anti-gun, “listening tours” that can pop up anywhere at any time. Charlie Cook, host of the Riding Shotgun with Charlie podcast, was present at one of these so-called “listening tours” recently.

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Biden the senile dictator wagging his finger

Biden Anti-2A Executive Order Issued

Today, our senile Dictator in Chief signed an executive order designed to stop guns from getting into “dangerous hands”. Recently, the President has used intentionally deceptive words to trick the American public into supporting his ineffective gun control desires. See you in court.

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