Nebraska Becomes 27th State To Adopt Constitutional Carry

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Today, Nebraska became the 27th state to embrace constitutional carry when Governor Jim Pillen signed LB77 into law.

“Signing this bill upholds the promise I made to voters to protect our constitutional rights and promote commonsense, conservative values,” said Governor Pillen.

Under the new law, residents and non-residents 21 and older will no longer need a license to carry a concealed firearm. Individuals must still be legally eligible to possess handguns and there is a lengthy list of prohibited locations that are common to states with constitutional carry laws.

Perhaps most significantly, the new law anticipates what has happened in some liberal states which have been forced (kicking and screaming) to embrace Second Amendment civil rights. According to the NRA-ILA, “LB 77 also strengthens preemption, giving the state legislature sole authority to regulate firearms. This prevents Nebraska counties and municipalities from having a patchwork of confusing and conflicting local laws throughout the state.”

The new law will take effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session, which is scheduled for June 9.

As previously reported on News2A, earlier this year, Florida, under Governor DeSantis, tipped the scales to the United States becoming majority constitutional carry when he signed permitless carry into law.

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Don S.

The “carry” standard for today is the very same as it was for the 1775 Patriots.
Jus non Mor……….. Rights Never Die.
Once exercised, inalienable rights are absolute and eternal.
There is not “constitutional carry” but carry under the Declaration of Independence.


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