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An Open Letter to Speaker Mariano on the Shredding of the Bill of Rights

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Massachusetts House Speaker Ron Mariano business card

Massachusetts is about to vote on the most egregious anti-gun, anti-freedom bill in history. Yes, I know we hear things like this all the time. But, this time it’s true.

We’ve covered the Gun Law Listening Tour from this past spring which happened in Massachusetts. Within two weeks after the last stop, Mass. State Rep Michael Day (D), laid out HD. 4420. Fortunately, the gun owners in Massachusetts and even some non-gun owners spoke out. The bill was dropped in late June and the scam artist, the alleged “civil rights” activist “author,” Rep Day, wanted to have it voted on by the end of July. House Speaker Ron Maraino stalled the bill until after the legislature came back in the fall.

When they returned to Beacon Hill, they made some changes and called it HD.4607. This “revised” bill was dropped on the Thursday before Labor Day. Public testimony was scheduled for the Tuesday after Labor Day. That’s the way to stick it to the citizens, tell them at the last minute before a long holiday weekend and have a hearing on the day after the holiday.

The changes were that they went easier on the police. Originally, the police weren’t able to carry off duty, but 4607 ok’s it. And they added to the list of people who can red flag you. That’s encouraging.

I’ve written to both my state representatives about the bill. Fortunately, they said they were against 4420. After 4607 was a thing, I wrote again last week. One said he would not support it, the other hasn’t gotten back to me yet, but I don’t think he will support it either.

Today, I was scrolling through FB and Speaker Mariano’s info was on the post with a reminder to write to him. So I did. Here’s my open letter to Herr Mariano.

Dear Speaker Mariano,

HD.4607 should not pass into law.

Everything in it is infringement on the good and lawful citizens of Massachusetts.

This bill is the most egregious anti-freedom, anti-civil rights bill in history. It’s the MA legislators having a hissyfit after the Bruen decision. The Bruen decision gave the citizens back the rights that have been taken away from them, certainly since the Gun Control Act of 1968, even back to the National Firearm Act of 1934.

This bill does nothing to reduce crime or come down on the law breakers. It comes after the people who pay for training, ask government permission for a license, then go through another background check to purchase a firearm. You want to make the everyday citizens felons.

It will raise the crime rates in Massachusetts. It will turn the lawful and responsible citizens into felons. And it will make domestic survivors unable to protect themselves from their abusers.

If you’d like to revamp the Massachusetts gun laws, take away the so-called “assault weapon ban”, the bogus “high capacity” magazine restriction, and get rid of the “approved weapon roster”. These, too, are infringements on the citizens of Massachusetts.

There are 27 states with Constitutional Carry or permitless carry and Massachusetts liberals want to be so progressive that they want to go backwards in the civil rights fight.

This bill is an embarrassment. The so-called “Gun Law Listening Tour” was a sham. You and Rep Day should be ashamed to say you’re leaders in this commonwealth.

Supposedly, the Mass. House is to vote on the bill this Wednesday, October 18. I’ve heard some local politicians say that if it gets to the point where they vote, the anti-rights folks know it will pass. Let’s hope the Mass. Senate doesn’t pass their own version.

And for the non-Massachusetts residents out there, you’ll be affected too. You’ll need a MA LTC at $100 a year in order to travel through the state. Well… if you’re even able to get a non-resident permit, that is.

However, it’s not too late to let Speaker Mariano or Rep Day or any and every other politician know that this bill is crap.

Massachusetts House Speaker Ron Mariano business card

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Why hasn’t the US Supreme Court stepped in to nullify these unconstitutional laws?? Has this been brought before them? This is insane!


Clearly he didnt read it… since it passed yesterday. Hopefully the Senate will have more common sense

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