Alabama and Georgia Pass Constitutional Carry

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Beginning January 1, Georgia and Alabama recognize constitutional carry as law in their states. “Constitutional Carry” is the right to carry a concealed handgun without a permit. Provided the person carrying firearms for self-defense is not a felon and does not fall under one of the other prohibited categories defined by the state.

The new law in Alabama stemmed from a lawsuit where a litigant claimed that rules infringed on their Second Amendment rights.

According to, the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) changed its policy requiring written permission to conceal carry a firearm in state parks subsequent to the lawsuit. The ADCNR statement read: “The State Park firearms policy is consistent with current Alabama law. The State Parks firearms rule will change on January 1, 2023 when the new Alabama law goes into effect and will not require written permission or a concealed carry permit for handguns.”

The growing trend of embracing constitutional carry is mostly limited to conservative states. Some liberal states, like New Jersey and New York, which have just recently begun issuing concealed carry permits, have dramatically curtailed where carry permit holders are able to carry. These states have broadly defined most public locations as restricted “sensitive areas”. Opponents and Second Amendment advocates say there are strong indications in the Supreme Court’s landmark 2022 Bruen decision that such restrictions are unconstitutional. Both New Jersey and New York are currently in court battles to determine the outcome of their restrictive, new laws.

Today, constitutional carry is law in twenty-five states. Vermont is widely recognized as having been the first state to embrace constitutional carry. Prior to the concept being adopted by other states, it was frequently referred to as “Vermont Carry”. Some states that have constitutional carry laws still offer concealed carry permits, which may add additional benefits. Most constitutional carry states still have some restrictions on where guns can be carried, such as courthouses and other government buildings, schools, mental health facilities, and airports.

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