A Bill Delayed is a Bill Denied

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An image of the Massachusetts Capitol building.
The Massachusetts Capitol building.

Massachusetts House Speaker Ron Mariano has realized that the assault and pillaging of the Massachusetts gun laws that were proposed by Representative Michael Day (D) with HD.4420 are not going to fly in the Bay State. At least for now. The bill titled “An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws” by the anti-gun Democrats does anything but “modernize” gun laws.

Just one week after having closed door sessions, the Massachusetts House of Representatives fought over who was going to get credit for the “Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act”, as dubbed by Gun Owners Action League, bill that was proposed in late June. The Massachusetts legislature took two days to try to cajole support for a bill that would raise the level of training requirements to get a license to carry and lower the number of places where someone could carry. But of course, the bill did much more than that. It would make it more expensive for gun owners to get a license. It would make it extremely difficult for gun stores to keep their guns locked and secured in the way the state wishes they would. All of it is infringement on the rights of the law-abiding, background-check-passing, citizens of Massachusetts. It would make shipping firearms to retailers in Mass nearly impossible.

But rest assured, this bill is only stalled. It is going to rear its ugly face again.

“While the House’s commitment to pursuing a comprehensive update remains steadfast, a new legal landscape will be the greatest threat to those efforts. That is why the House believes that we must thoroughly evaluate all of the proposals made in [the legislation] over the Summer, and that House Members must have the chance to continue to speak with their constituents and provide feedback,” Mariano wrote in a message obtained by the News Service.

This is why Bay State citizens, who pass background checks, who take training, and who don’t commit crimes need to keep up the pressure on their local politicians. There’s nothing more that these liberty-hating oligarchs want more than keeping the citizens from being able to protect themselves from the criminals that they let out through the revolving doors of justice.

These bureaucrats want to keep going after the liberties and freedoms that we have. They know that so-called “ghost guns” are not really the problem, but it’s what they think they can take away from license to carry holders who want to build their own firearm. We all know that the people that are getting “ghost guns” and committing crimes are already prohibited from owning and possessing firearms that are manufactured by gun makers.

Senate Democrats have said they are interested in pursuing some kind of firearms legislation this session, particularly to deal with a recent uptick in untraceable “ghost guns” that law enforcement officials have observed, without outlining any specific timeline or details.”

If Mariano and Day really wanted to “modernize” firearm laws, they would do what 27 states, so far, have done, which is to not restrict the rights of law-abiding, responsible citizens and expand the rights of the people who are not criminals or commit crimes. The best we can hope for in Massachusetts is that we don’t lose any ground. In Mass, we still have an assault weapon ban, magazine capacity restrictions, and a roster of firearms that private citizens cannot purchase. But we can carry in stores and malls, banks, and movie theaters.

So for Massachusetts residents, we’ve got a chance to take a breath, regroup, and figure out a way to stop this nonsense. If you don’t know who your legislator is, you can find your legislator here. If you are worked up about this, you still need to let your local politicians know how you feel.

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Big Herm

All of our neighbors to the north have Constitutional carry and their crime rates are going down. MA crime rates are going up.


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