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9th Circuit Shockingly Stops Carry Ban!

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In layman’s terms: this ruling stop’s the State’s attempt to ban concealed carry of firearms until the next step in the court challenge. You may carry in places you were previously allowed prior to the passage of SB2.

A Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals motions panel surprised nearly the entire Second Amendment community when it blocked a ban on public carry on January 6.

The 9th Circuit has been known to be rabidly anti-gun and often overturns pro-Second Amendment rulings from lesser courts, as it did in the Reno May et al. v. Bonta case on January 4.

The Court surprisingly dissolved the administrative stay that it issued on January 4, returning the status quo to the December, 20, 2023 preliminary injunction issued by Judge Cormac Carney.

In simpler terms, SB2, the despotic and unconstitutional law banning carry in much of the state, which went into effect on January 1, is mostly unenforceable (for the moment), and Californians may now legally carry again in the locations enjoined by the preliminary injunction.

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the news on their Twitter feed on January 7, and directed readers to their December, 20, 2023 press release for a list of locations where they may carry.

According to the court document, arguments are scheduled to take place in April.

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