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Senator Ed “The Trucker” Durr Says #VOTERED

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Republican New Jersey State Senator Ed "The Trucker" Durr
Republican New Jersey State Senator Ed "The Trucker" Durr

As many of you know, we started News2A in early 2023 with the purpose of informing and educating people and giving them all the reasons they need to get out and vote.

Recently, News2A was fortunate enough to interview Senator Ed Durr. Senator Durr is one of our strongest allies in the fight to preserve, and more importantly, restore, our full 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms to the Garden State. We reached out to him to get his take on the current state of affairs and for his best advice to New Jersey gun owners.

News2A: Can you tell us a little bit about your personal and professional history and what led you to get into politics?

Senator Durr: Well, I am the 4th of 6 kids and eldest son. I worked with my father as carpenter/contractor until I decided to drive a truck full time back in 1992. I attempted to acquire my conceal carry in 2015 and my local chief said I was wasting my time and to take back my application. So I got angry and started my quest to get involved in state politics.

News2A: You had an unusual path to campaign victory. What lessons did you learn in that process that you’d like to share with our readers?

Senator Durr: Well, I would just say that the pathway is not as important as the destination. I learned that no matter who you are, we all need help and having a great team of support will go a very long way.

News2A: As a conservative Senator in a rather blue state, what legislative areas do you think have the most opportunity for meaningful change?

Senator Durr: I think we are not that blue, maybe more purple or red with large areas of blue but I think there are many areas we can find compromise and do things that will help our constituents. I’m working on things for Specials Needs and for firefighters along with education things. All of these things should be easy things.

News2A: On the topic of the Second Amendment, New Jersey is making history both in good ways (issuing carry permits) and bad ways (suppressing law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves). What’s your perspective on how these issues are shaping future legislative actions?

Senator Durr: I think things here in New Jersey are moving in the right direction when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. There have been thousands of conceal carry permits issued (mine included) to date and although there has been push back by some members of the legislature I believe that we will continue to fight back and secure the right for all legal, law-abiding, citizens.

News2A: What’s the most important thing Second Amendment supporters in this state can be doing right now?

Senator Durr: Well, that is easy. We are in an election year and every member of the legislature is up for re-election and I would ask every person here who is interested in seeing their rights secured [to] vote accordingly. We have many great fighters of our 2nd Amendment right and they need your help & support. #VOTERED

News2A: It’s an election year and a number of your colleagues across the aisle are on the record with strong and rather contentious anti-Second Amendment positions. How can we take advantage of that?

Senator Durr: Again, this is easy, use their words against them. Can anyone tell me what “common sense gun legislation” is?  Who’s common sense?  What [about] leaving myself unprotected in a society that sees more crime every day? Vote them out and help those who believe in the Constitution and will fight for your rights.

News2A: New Jersey has a diverse and growing population of gun-owners. On his podcast, Anthony Colandro has observed that women and minorities are perhaps the fastest growing segment of gun-owners. What’s your message to those newest to our community?

Senator Durr: I think it is great that so many people are becoming part of our community. I also hope it continues and they all take proper classes to handle their firearm. The best equalizer in a man attacking a woman is her ability to defend herself with a firearm. Self-protection is a God-given right and no one should be able to take that from you or tell you when or where you can exercise it.

News2A: We recently wrote an article about the Murphy administration and AG Platkin’s repurposing of federal COVID grant funds for the purpose of purchasing gunshot detection technology under the guise of violent crime rising as a result of the pandemic. What can gun owners do to hold government officials accountable for such blatant insinuations that crime will rise now that we have concealed carry?

Senator Durr: This again comes down to the legislature. We are the voice of the people and the checks on government, and the Governor.  So, we are in an election year and voting is the biggest thing any reader can do to help. I do not want to hear “my vote doesn’t matter”. The only vote that doesn’t matter is the one never cast. #VOTERED

News2A: Aside from your strong position on Second Amendment issues, what other topic would you say is most important to you and why?

Senator Durr: I’m a huge fighter and supporter of the special needs community, our veterans, and first responders. I also fight hard for families and children. I just believe government is to be our helper, not our ruler. Too often, you get an elected official who thinks they have all the answers and we should do as they want and that isn’t right. So, I continue to push back and fight for the people.

News2A: How can our readers follow you and support your efforts?

Senator Durr: Well, I’m all over social media, you have to be these days.

So I have a website Durr4Senate. I also have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Edward Durr (@edward.durr.9) • Instagram photos and videos

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