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Armed with Confidence: Kerry Slone Discusses Women, Guns, and Self-Defense

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Kerry Slone of We The Female, firearms trainer, and 2nd Amendment activist.
Kerry Slone of We The Female, firearms trainer, and 2nd Amendment activist.

At News2A, we recently had the privilege of sitting down with Kerry Slone, a prominent gun rights advocate and firearms instructor. With a unique background that includes 30 years in the beauty industry, Kerry has become a significant voice in the Second Amendment community, particularly for women. Her journey into advocacy was sparked by personal experiences and legislative changes, leading her to establish We The Female, an organization dedicated to empowering women through education, confidence, and self-defense. In this interview, Kerry shares her insights on women’s roles in firearm ownership, the impact of gun control laws, and the importance of political activism for pro-2A women.

News2A: For those of our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us about yourself. How did you get involved with firearms? Were you raised in a house with guns and good attitudes, or did some life experience lead you down this path?

KS: Prior to becoming a gun rights advocate and firearms instructor, I was in the beauty industry for 30 years. I grew up around guns, so even though I didn’t own any of my own until I was in my 30s, I’ve always been pro-2A.

News2A: Aside from being pro-gun in general, what brought you to the point of advocacy and a respectable following?

KS: In 2018, a law in Washington state passed a voter initiative (I-1639) that had many new gun control regulations attached. One part of the pending law that launched me into advocacy was the provision stating that when an individual signs the state background check form, it is an automatic waiver, giving the state of Washington the ability to look at the purchaser’s medical records. Based on their review, an individual can be denied the purchase of a gun based on the interpretation of what is in that record.

Of course, they weren’t looking for broken arms; they were looking for mental health records.

As a domestic violence victim who did what I was supposed to do and went to therapy after being abused, I had PTSD on my medical record. So, I spoke out on my personal social media about how those who voted for the law put me in a position where I might be denied the purchase of a gun to defend myself from my abuser, who was stalking me. It went viral, and six years later, here I am!

News2A: Women, guns, and the Second Amendment… From the outside, guns and the Second Amendment have been shoehorned as topics of interest primarily for men. Is that stereotype correct, or has there always been a quiet subculture of interest in guns among women? What’s changed in the last decade?

KS: That stereotype is absolutely accurate. While there has been some interest among women in firearms, it has not been the same as it is for men.

Over the last decade, increased crime, reductions in police forces, and a broken justice system have pushed women to realize that no one is going to protect them, and they must learn how to protect themselves.

News2A: You’re a firearms instructor. What led you down that path, and how have you evolved as a teacher?

KS: I ended up stumbling into being a firearm instructor. In 2020, I was invited to a USCCA firearm instructor certification class. Being a firearm instructor wasn’t really on my radar, but I thought it would be a good idea to take the training and become certified regardless.

As it turned out, there were no female instructors within 300 miles of where I lived at that time in Washington State. Once word got out, I realized there was a desperate need for women’s firearm instruction based on a huge demand for classes.

News2A: Tell us a little about We The Female, its mission, and what makes it distinct from other female-focused training programs.

KS: In short, We The Female’s mission is to arm women with education, confidence, and self-defense. I think what makes us unique from other female-centric training organizations is our focus on the psychological barrier many women have to learning to operate and carry a firearm.

Additionally, we are known for helping women victims of abuse and assault and helping them realize that their lives are worth saving—which is why it’s important to learn how to save it.

News2A: Let’s talk for a moment about activism. Giffords, Moms Demand Action, and numerous other female-led organizations push a strong anti-gun agenda masquerading as “gun safety” propaganda. These agendas would largely have women disarmed. How do women who are pro-2A support their Second Amendment rights at the legislative level?

KS: In short: start showing up! Traditionally, conservative-leaning women have not become as active in politics. Even today, there is still some mentality that politics should be handled by men (especially in the South and Midwest, and among older generations).

Women need to realize that we are being weaponized against our own best interests to support gun control.

Why? Because politicians know women create change.

It’s time for pro-2A women to step up and start using their voices to protect their right to defend themselves and their families with the most effective self-defense tools available to them—firearms.

News2A: A large part of the fight for the Second Amendment against those who would oppose our civil liberties comes down to an information war. There’s a tremendous amount of ignorance about firearms, history, law, and loads of unverifiable and twisted statistics. What’s the most effective way to engage the community to show a positive, pro-2A stance that won’t alienate non-believers?

KS: Quite simply, stop using “shall not be infringed” as an argument. Politicians have literally told us that they don’t care what the Constitution says. It’s ridiculous for individuals to continue using arguments when the opposing side has already told you they don’t care.

Instead, I have found that it’s far more effective to use their own tactics against them. Use emotion, but don’t get emotional. Work to show how their lives are personally affected by the laws they support.

We are blessed in the United States to have our human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to us. However, what that pursuit looks like is different for everyone. People don’t typically take action to defend their rights unless they see their lives personally negatively impacted by it.

News2A: We have to ask: are you a striker-fired or hammer-fired kind of lady? What’s your favorite firearm to shoot? And what’s your preferred platform to teach with?

KS: I love them all! But if I had to choose a favorite, I’d say pistol caliber carbines are my favorite. As far as my favorite to teach with, I don’t have one. I want women to use what they are most comfortable with.

News2A: What’s the most common question you get as a prominent female in the Second Amendment community?

KS: I would have to say the most common question that I’m asked is, “What is the best gun for me or for my significant other to carry?” My answer is always the one you’re most comfortable and capable of operating and carrying!

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