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Letter to the Editor: The Average Firearm Guy, Me

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A man shooting skeet

My name is Pete. I am not a professional writer, though I have an article or two published. I am not a lawyer, but I do follow, understand and take part in the fight against the Unconstitutional laws that are forced on us. I am not a politician, but I have attended rallies, testified in Trenton, and attended bill signings. I am not a heavy hitter and no you will not hear me or my name on Gun for Hire Radio, but I have been there a few times, and they are really cool.

My point is there is nothing special about me. Just an average guy. Many New Jersey firearm owners are just average guys or girls who have busy lives. I live in very South Jersey. I recently got involved in CNJFO and realized as I talked to my friends down here that a lot of people that are firearm owners are very uninformed about what is going on in NJ. Most have no idea who a lot of the groups are, such as CNJFO, ANJRPC, FPC, SAF, etc. They also do not know any of the heavy hitters, any of the events, or any of the stuff going on. Even worse, they have no idea the infringements being forced on us and the fights and victories that are going on. 

So, I began talking to people and explaining all of this. Then I realized, it is not enough. So, what can an average nobody do? Well, I started to talk to the Board of CNJFO and they were very cool and happy to help me get the word out here in South Jersey. So, I am now starting my march across Cumberland, Atlantic, Cape May and Salem Counties going to ranges, gun stores, and any business that will allow me to set up a pamphlet display for CNJFO. I am also, if available, going to attend events with a CNJFO display and pop-up tent. So, I am trying. Again, I am no one. Just an average guy trying. Just imagine if out of the one million firearm owners in NJ, just 5% or 10% got involved like this, what a huge difference this would make. 

I know times are tough. Money is tight. Lives are busy. Not all can do this, but some can. So do not be intimidated by it. Give it a try. It is solely a volunteer effort. If it does not work out, well at least you tried. That is a cool thing and would be awesome. Since I got involved, I got to meet a ton of people who are awesome, got to go to Shot Show Range Day, became an NRA instructor and am working my way through more certifications, and have learned a ton. I stared when I was 6 years old when I shot my first .22 and .410, and have been hooked ever since. I am 52 now. I really hope that more people, average people, get involved and their kids or future grandchildren will get to learn when they are kids like I did. Then they too will be average guys or girls ensuring our 2nd Amendment Right is protected and they will continue to guard against the incessant attacks against it.

This is my first News2A article. I hope to occasionally give an article from “The Average Firearm Guy” perspective here and there. What would be better for me, is to meet some of you while out and about and see your efforts and support you too. Be safe, Have fun.

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Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal

NICE JOB PETER! I wish I had a thousand more “Average Guys” out in the field makin’ a DIFFERENCE!

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