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Riding Shotgun with Charlie, John Petrolino the Pen Patriot, and News2A Hit the Range

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From left to right, John Petrolino aka "The Pen Patriot", Shawn Abramson co-owner of News2A, Charlie Cook host of Riding Shotgun with Charlie
From left to right, John Petrolino aka "The Pen Patriot", Shawn Abramson co-owner of News2A, Charlie Cook host of Riding Shotgun with Charlie

We’ve all said, thought, and agreed that a bad day at the range is better than a good day at work. Some of the news to a publisher and contributors made this a reality.

I’m heading down to the Garden State to emcee an event for the CNJFO and Women for Gun Rights (formerly The DC Project) groups. The event is a fundraiser for both of the groups. There’s going to be speakers like Rabbi Andy Mars, Lucretia Hughes, Olympian Gabby Franco, and Dick Heller. I was heading down to what we jokingly call my “vacation home” which is really the house of News2A contributor John Petrolino.

The plans were to come down on Thursday, film a show with someone in Pennsylvania, then head back to central Jersey. But Petrolino suggested I come down Wednesday night since I had no plans on Wednesday. I got in late, my host had stayed up later than usual to make sure that I made my reservation at Casa Petrolino.

On the drive down, there were several group texts, exchanges between Petrolino, me, and News2A, publisher and founder Shawn Abramson. Petrolino and I had plans to hit the range since I was going to be there all day Thursday. We were going to try out his Throom Target system as well as a second run at his Avidity Arms PD10.

After the regular household morning routine was completed, we took a few pictures of the GoSafe mobile mag and mobile safe products, which Petrolino is going to review for The Square Reviews website. I had a little bit of laptop writing that needed to be done. And he worked on cleaning his Stagecoach.

Just after noon, Abramson showed up at the vaca home. We loaded everything up and headed to the range. The range we were going to is a private club, so only members have access to the locked gate entrance. It was chilly and there was a light mist. But we decided to sack up and stick it out.

We set up a Q target, the Throom Target system, and proceeded to take out all of the firearms that John and Shawn brought. John took out his cigar, but realized he did not have a cutter. Or a lighter. Shawn came through with both. Then a couple moments later, John realized he didn’t pack any ammunition.

Fortunately, Shawn brought plenty of ammunition with his firearms. We loaded up some magazines, complained about the cold, and tried a gun with some new sites, as well as the PD10, and a couple of Shawn‘s guns too.

If you haven’t seen the Throom Targets, you should check out my interview with Erin Mihalik from Throom Targets. They make the best shoot through reactive targets in the business! I may have shot a little low on one round from a .45 caliber handgun and hit the target holder (News2A corrects this and says at least two). It knocked the target off, but went right through the base. But since it was Throom Target, it wasn’t a problem or an issue. It was easy to pop the green target back into the black base.

Everyone fired a couple magazines from a few different guns. It was nice to shoot some guns that were “new to me” and belong to someone else. Shawn was able to put a few rounds through one of his son’s 22 caliber semi auto rifles.

Eventually, Petrolino gave up on his cigar that was burning unevenly and Shawn set him up with a new cigar. I did forgo having a cigar, but I do enjoy the aroma that the sticks gave off.

After a couple hours of being in the cold, damp weather, we decided it was time to pack it up and head back to “reality”. Shawn had an hour drive back home. John and I had to return his goodies back to the homestead before we continued with the household afternoon duties. Then dinner with his family.

Even though we forgot several necessities and didn’t necessarily shoot a lot, it is great to get together with friends, who have a common interest and enjoy time together at the shooting range. We enjoyed the shooting and the comradery. I think this is going to be something we do more often. And maybe with more of the News2A contributors.

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