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It’s 2024 and the End of Another SHOT Show

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SHOT Show 2024
The floor at SHOT Show 2024

It is 2024, and the end of another SHOT Show. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to go along as crew for a media member to the Monday morning Range Day. Being this was my first time at a SHOT Show it was pretty awesome. I got to experience many new items, firearms, and was able to meet some amazing people. I even got a job offer at a major company. Too bad I wasn’t retired yet.

The experience is still fresh in my mind. Short barrels, suppressors, full auto, standard capacity mags and larger, real defensive ammo, long range shooting, optics, tech info, famous people, and the list goes on and on. One of the things that stood out most was the difference between living in freedom and living in oppression. I grew up in Southern New Jersey and back then it was not as developed, and firearm freedom was fairly awesome. Over the years, that freedom eroded away and generations living here never had a chance to experience it. Sadly, they do not even know about it and think our current restrictions are normal. Well, they are not!

I understand this is part of the plan of the anti-freedom segment of the country. Slowly normalizing their tyranny. When you go to a freedom state, you get to see things are not like they are here in NJ, just as with other blue states. So many freedoms are still enjoyed and recognized as our God given Rights. People live where criminals are not catered to by the government because they are more than likely to vote a certain way. Firearms are not neutered and restricted for the law abiding, yet no restrictions are on the government and criminal element. Think about that one long and hard for a minute and you will see something really disturbing. Taxes are lower, yet the states are awesome. Roads are nicer. People are happier. The list goes on and on.

SHOT Show is for the people “in the industry” and it’s apparent at the show itself when you leave the range. Floors of new products and manufacturing companies from springs to trunnions, to barrels. It is amazing. I do believe it is something every huge firearm enthusiast should experience at least one time. I am so lucky I got to. It is also eye opening how free a huge part of our country is. It is actually sad thinking what is happening in the blue states like NJ. Good people are regulated into oblivion while government and criminals face no regulations. This freedom can be experienced in other places maybe not as far to travel to or expensive as a SHOT Show trip.

It is worth the trip to any of these events or places to see what is happening and why it is worth the effort to either keep these freedoms or fight for the return of them. Yes, I do plan on moving, it has been on my bucket list for 30 years. While I am here, I will continue to do my part to stand for the Right and gain it back. Would it not be wonderful if freedom and sanity won, and the good people of NJ were treated as such? And not treated and regulated worse than criminals and the government?

I hope to return to Shot Show someday for that experience and to write a follow up article with pics I can show. I hope we all live free again.

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