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“Gun-Violence” – The Great American Fear Campaign

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Image of a man pointing a revolver

When I say “gun violence doesn’t exist,” some people look at me cross-eyed because the term has become so common in the media and left-wing talking points. The truth is, there’s no such thing as “gun-violence.” “Gun-violence” doesn’t exist. It is a made-up nomenclature created as a tool to demonize guns in the pursuit of more gun restrictions on lawful Americans. It’s impossible for a gun to be violent. Violence can only come from a person or animal. Violence is a behavior. What the gun grabbers are really talking about is “human-violence.” But if the discussion were focused on “human violence,” we would all be forced to work on solving the problems that cause people to act violently. The gun-grabbers do not want to do that for two reasons. Number one, it doesn’t help their pursuit to demonize guns and implement more gun-restrictions. Number two, focusing on “human-violence” would expose their culpability in its perpetuation.

If we were to talk about human-violence, we would be forced to talk about gang and mob violence, terrorist groups like Antifa, open borders, sanctuary cities, welfare dependency, fatherless homes, abortion, foreign terrorism and drugs (both legal and illegal.) These are all things the left directly or indirectly supports. So anytime violence occurs, and a gun is used, the left will call it “gun-violence” to keep the spotlight off of them and get the latest gun-restriction passed in Congress. Gun restrictions cause more good people to be unarmed and helpless, resulting in more gun related deaths because we know, the bad guys pay no attention to the restrictions. Then, they use the numbers of gun related deaths to push for even more gun restrictions. If they really wanted to solve the problem of death and violence in America, wouldn’t they join us in abolishing the Gun Free School Zone for instance? Ever since Joe Biden introduced the Gun Free School Zones Act as part of the Crime Control Act in 1990 and it was signed into law, school killings have nearly doubled. The anti-gun left capitalizes on those preventable attacks to push for even more gun restrictions. Some would argue they don’t really want the problem of “human-violence” to go away.

The left’s lust for human-violence is real. This is why you saw them do nothing to stop the rioters in the streets of Democrat run cities across the country in 2020. During a time of massive riots, violence, looting and the burning down of buildings across the country, the political left didn’t try to stop it. They called for the defunding of police departments while walking the streets themselves in protest of the very problem they perpetuated.

They use a false narrative, dishonest media and vague terms to keep the problem alive while pretending to fight against it. You’ve heard them say things like, “we need to tear down the system and rebuild it from the ground up.” How exactly do they propose to do this? They’ll never tell you because they have no idea, but they do need to be perceived as righteous, justice warriors in the eyes of those who don’t know any better. How about when they say we need to “re-imagine the police department?” What exactly does that mean? The answer is nothing. The term “re-imagine the police department” means absolutely nothing and they know it. They know YOU will never be able to define it and they know THEY will never be called out on it because people are afraid of being labeled a racist. These are vague terms that they create so they can continue to perpetuate the problem of “human-violence” without the possibility of a solution. It would seem that the political left doesn’t want human-violence to go away. They do want to take away your guns and make the police departments weak and ineffective. So, when they talk about “systemic racism,” “institutional racism,” “gun violence” and “re-imagining the police departments,” what they’re really saying is “We don’t really want to fix the problem of human-violence, so we’re giving you meaningless terms that you will never be able to define, so the problem will never be solved. Human-violence in America serves us well politically and we don’t really want it to stop.”

These are the people our Founders warned us about. They are why the 2nd Amendment was written.

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Don S.

Looked at by percent, the number of firearms used by violent criminals is a fraction of a percent.
No gun is “violent”, it is the person holding same who is violent.
Now if only we registered all criminals so we could find them quickly, maybe violent crime would decrease.
……………… or sure and swift justice.

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