Vladimir Vaval

Handguns for sale on display in a gun shop.

Your Gun, Your Choice

In life, you’ve probably heard the phrase “your decisions matter” close to one million times. Well…. you’re about to hear it again. When choosing a handgun, especially when considering one for carry, your decisions matter! Read the wise words of Gun for Hire Chief Instructor and founder of Threat Reflex, Vlad Vaval.

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Gun safety 101

Safety! Attention To Detail On Your Training Day

Important for both new and experienced shooters alike, it is of paramount importance to keep safe firearms handing at the top of our mind at all times. Vlad Vaval gives us a fantastic lesson. For some of us, it’s a much needed refresher course. For others, it might be the first time hearing these core, immutable rules of gun safety. Even if you know these rules, read them again. We should never become complacent about the safe handling of firearms.

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