A person receiving firearms training

Train for the Probable

Most of us have done our best to imagine what we’d do in a real defensive situation. But our imagination tends to be limited to one or two scenarios, not the plausible, possible, or possible. ScotShot Scott really makes us think about reality in this training article.

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Target with good shot placement and light shining through the holes.

The Holes Never Lie

What is “trigger press” and how do we achieve consistency? This easy-to-understand article discusses and walks you through the mechanics of trigger press and some great pointers to help achieve consistency. If you struggle with consistent technique or consistent shot placement or jerking of the trigger, give this quasi-tutorial a read.

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An image of various weapons

Whats In a Name?

Here in New Jersey, with the public carry of firearms being so new to all of us, people can’t quite seem to decide on terminology. But, there’s some useful psychology and just the principle of downright accuracy behind using the correct terminology. Read on to find out why it’s so important to get it right!

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