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Advertisement for the Bring Bruen to Boston rally

GOAL Bruen to Boston Rally

It’s time for GOAL members, gun owners, and those who believe in freedom and civil liberties to rise up and demand that the Massachusetts government respect the US Constitution. Get all the details about the Bruen to Boston Rally, taking place on Sept. 27, here.

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An image of the Massachusetts Capitol building.

A Bill Delayed is a Bill Denied

It looks like the good, law-abiding, gun owners of Massachusetts might be getting a stay of execution. Their so-called “Carry Killer” bill has been delayed. It’s probably a safe bet that this bill will come before the legislature again in the future. Probably in more onerous form, if that’s even possible.

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An image of Johnny Cash

When The Man Comes Around

It appears that “the man” appears to be coming around to the fact that the oppressive, do-nothing, Massachusetts Carry Killer bill, officially known as HD4420, will do NOTHING to stop crime and only make the job of enforcement all the more difficult.

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An image of a red flag.

Tennessee Governor Lee Likes His ‘Red Flag’ Laws

No matter how much you polish it, a turd is still a turd. The people of Tennessee have made it clear that they don’t want more ineffective laws that target the law-abiding while doing nothing to stop mass murderers. Governor Lee has proposed, what we guess is, a red flag law that seems to be a little more balanced and in line with US Constitution than other states’ red flag laws. But is it, really?

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An image of St. John's Prep school in Danvers, MA

A ‘Swatting’ Leads to an Accidental Discharge

A police detective had a major “whoopsie” in the men’s room at a boy’s school that almost landed him in some serious doo-doo. A so-called “swatting” call was made, targeting a prep school, which led to a negligent discharge by a police employee which then prompted an even bigger response.

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Gun Law Listening Tour Brings Up School Shooting That Never Happened

The Massachusetts Gun Law Listening Tour had yet another stop in Framingham. The subject was a relevant one: school shootings. There were people present from both sides of the 2A argument. As expected, the red and orange shirts had arguments based on emotion and void of logic. After all, even though pro-gun folks are allowed to attend and even speak, its a tour with an anti-gun agenda, isn’t it?

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An image of the panel at the Gun Law Listening Tour in Lowell, MA

The Massachusetts Gun Law Listening Tour Hits Lowell

This stop on the Massachusetts Gun Law Listening Tour centered around scary “ghost guns”. Just as with the term “assault rifle”, the term “ghost gun” was created intentionally with a negative connotation. To scare people. So-called ghost guns are nothing more than DIY guns which Americans have been producing since the founding of our country and even earlier.

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An image of a DC Project Member speaking at the Gun Law Listening Tour

Same As It Ever Was, Same As It Ever Was,..

On May 8, the city of Brockton, MA was “blessed” with yet another Gun Law Listening Tour. This stop on the tour saw a larger turnout from the ladies of the DC Project and also brought to our attention a group we haven’t heard of before: “Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.” Read on to see how it went!

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