Peter Elias

Peter Elias, just your average New Jersey gun owner.

Snobs and Their Opinions Can Hurt the 2A Movement

Sometimes, we don’t realize that the message we convey to others might influence their future decisions. We’ve all seen that guy at the range with the experience and the cool gear that condescends the newbs or the guys that aren’t deeply involved in the 2A movement. We’ve also seen the guy that is a true expert and has no ego and loves to help and encourage those who need guidance and advice. Which do you want to be?

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A man shooting skeet

Letter to the Editor: The Average Firearm Guy, Me

I’m just an average guy who loves firearms and the 2nd Amendment. I’ve started to get involved in the activism all too necessary to defend our 2nd Amendment Rights for us and for generations to come. It’s amazing to me how many of New Jersey’s one million gun owners are completely unaware of the winnable battles raging in the courts right now. We need to spread awareness as best we can.

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