Dan Wos

An image inside the chambers of the US House of Representatives.

House Passes Pistol Brace Resolution

Even if President Biden vows to veto the bill, if and when it reaches him, the fact that the house has rejected the ATF’s pistol brace rule is great news for American gun owners. The weaponized ATF, at the direction of the Biden administration, is determined to make it a criminal offense to own a harmless piece of plastic. Why? Because they hate you.

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A generic image of a human brain.

The Brainwashing Behind Gun-Control

It’s probably safe to say that we’re subject to some sort of “programming” or “brainwashing” multiple times per day, whether through TV, internet, billboards, etc… In this article, Dan Wos explains the brainwashing behind gun-control and how triggers are installed in us to elicit specific emotional responses to certain stimuli.

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Image of a man pointing a revolver

“Gun-Violence” – The Great American Fear Campaign

The left tends to hide behind meaningless terms to make it seem like they care, but surprise, they don’t! Just like the purposely misleading term “assault rifle”, the left uses the term “gun violence” to put people in fear of user-controlled objects. Remember, guns are neutral. It’s people that are either good or bad.

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